text o musik: Mia,
In the Deepest forest away from light of town
Where animals and flowers are showing on the ground
I went there with my basket
to pick some piece of straw
Suddenly I saw him on my mind I got a thought

Hunterman dear hunterman
please show me all you can
Hunterman dear hunterman act just like man
Give me all the strength you have
love me dear and true
If you do IŽll show you all the things that I can do

He stood there tall and handsome
with beard so dark and nice
I felt no longer lonesome
I loved him just at once
His glance was strong and steady
he looked into my eyes
I was almost ready for a glamorous romance

Hunterman dear hunterman o.s.v

Kontakta mig om ni vill höra mer

Ja, tänk vad man kan hitta när man går
ut i skogen. Man kan ju hitta svamp
och bär också förstås

Länk till låtarna med smakprov